Monumento al boyero

Proyecto: Urbanismo
Cliente: Municipalidad de Abangares
Ubicación: Las Juntas, Abangares
Área: 25m2
Año: 2021

The architectural proposal of the monument consists of the relocation of the monument, originally located in the middle of Calle 1, between Avenida Central and Avenida 1, and the restoration of the sculpture. Once the new location of the monument has been established, in the western area of ​​Central Park, a space is designed taking into account the following criteria:

1. The Monument must be visible from the street.
2. The area must be well lit.
3. The Monument must have elements that prevent or hinder vandalism.
4. The monument must be accessible, in accordance with Law 7600, and allow users to approach it.

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